Many infrastructures depend on industrial control systems for their operation.


Cybersecurity is not usually taken into account in the design and engineering of these systems, nor in their maintenance. For this reason, it is necessary to provide tools for controlling and supervising and monitoring infrastructures, in order to detect anomalous situations, which may be indicative of a threat.


GLORIA ICS is an industrial environment monitoring probe consisting of a specific device or virtualized solution that is deployed in industrial infrastructures, without interfering with the system it is monitoring. With a minimally intrusive design, it neither blocks actions by industrial plant operators nor interferes with network traffic.


The main detection capabilities of our monitoring probe are as follows:

  • Detection by DPI of industrial protocols.

  • Detection of anomalies in the operations and engineering actions.

  • Detection of potentially dangerous commands and command combinations.

  • Detection of anomalies based on the frequency of execution of control commands to different destinations.

  • Detection using signature-based rules.

  • Detection of anomalies in network traffic.

  • Detection of risk situations based on HIDS.


When it comes to implementing solutions, we have two deployment models:

  • Security management service model. We offer the complete platform with GLORIA, and the security management service with our SOC.

  • Integration model with the customer's SOC. Our solution is integrated with the client's security management system, so that it works with the SIEMs of its choice in its own SOC.

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