8 tips for using apps in a cybersecure way

S2 Grupo has highlighted that, although we are in a complicated time in relation to cybercrime, it is essential that society becomes part of the solution to combat it by raising awareness of how to use technology with common sense.
08 Feb 2022
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  • The company's experts have highlighted that, as soon as we have a connected device, we start downloading apps and it is essential to take into account some issues to avoid falling into the nets of cybercrime.


Valencia, February 7, 2022 - On the occasion of the celebration tomorrow, Tuesday, February 8, of the International Safer Internet Day, the Valencian company S2 Grupo has stressed that we are currently in a complicated moment in relation to cybercrime and it is very important for society to contribute to combating it by raising awareness about the safe use of technology.

"The problem we have is that technology has advanced very fast. There have been entire generations that have not been able to join the change. Many times, we do not take into account or understand how technology can be abused and this is what can put society in check", said José Rosell, managing partner of S2 Grupo.

"We work every day in the field of cybersecurity to create new tools that prevent cybercriminals from accessing online connected systems, whether they are used in the home, industry, healthcare or transportation, for example. Technology has penetrated virtually every process, from a coffeemaker to a hospital, on trains or in cars. This is why we need society's help to win the battle against cybercriminals", said Miguel A. Juan, managing partner of S2 Grupo.

8 tips for using apps securely

One of the increasingly common actions is to download applications on our online devices to access new functions, games, clothing stores, social networks, the bank, etc.

In this context, S2 Grupo has pointed out some guidelines to be taken into account to download them safely and avoid becoming a victim of malware:

  1. Adjust device settings to disallow the installation of applications of unknown origin - This measure will only allow the installation of apps from the official store, which provides greater security because unofficial apps may contain hidden functions, such as viruses.
  2. App updates - App updates usually respond to improvements in their security system, for this reason it is recommended to adjust the device so that they are performed automatically. So that an exaggerated consumption of data does not take place, it is possible to indicate that these updates be carried out only when the mobile is connected to a Wi-Fi network.
  3. Periodically review the permissions granted to social networks - They may make allowances for specific needs and forget about it. This can allow their developers to read information silently for years.
  4. Preserve our privacy - The most common permissions are to read our files (photos and videos), know our location, access our messages and email, read our contacts and write and publish on our behalf in a social network. To preserve our privacy, it is advisable to access the settings area of the phone and delete those apps and permissions that we consider inappropriate.
  5. Permissions consistent with the function that the application will perform - For example, it is normal to allow WhatsApp to access the camera or SD card because it is a messaging tool. However, if we install a flashlight application it is not "normal" to request permission to send SMS or make calls, as these could be made in a hidden way and raise the phone bill considerably.
  6. Before installing the app, read the list of requested permissions.
  7. Once installed, check in "settings" the permissions that have actually been granted - It is interesting to carry out this check to make sure that it matches the information provided before downloading.
  8. Install an antivirus - Every year new variants of viruses appear to attack cell phones directly, so it is essential to have an antivirus that analyzes the suitability of the apps every time they are downloaded.


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