Fallas and cybersecurity join for the first time in history

21 Mar 2018
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  • The Valencian company S2 Grupo and the Falla Chiva Francisco de Llano have collaborated to create an innovative children's monument focused on this subject, which will allow interactive access to tips on how to avoid being victims of cyberthreats.
  • The objective of this initiative is to combat cybercrime through raising awareness in society, as training in this field and the development of safe practices by people is one of the essential factors to avoid it.
  • Through QR codes it will be possible to download videos in which the falleros of the commission will talk about the 9 main cybersecurity problems that currently stalk, such as grooming or phishing, and solutions to avoid them.
  • On Saturday, March 17 at 11:30 the Valencian Fallera Mayor Infantil and its Court of Honor will inaugurate the monument.

Valencia, March 14, 2018.- For the first time in history, Fallas and cybersecurity have come together. This is thanks to an innovative project launched by the Valencian company S2 Grupo and the Falla Chiva-Francisco de Llano, which will make it possible to combat cybercrime. The children’s falla of this commission has been developed around this theme with the aim of raising awareness among the population about the importance of using technologies in a safe way to avoid being a victim of cybercrime, one of the biggest problems that currently affect both individuals as well as small companies and large companies around the world. The monument will have QR codes that will allow interactive access to key cybersecurity tips to increase, with simple practices, protection in digital environments for both children and adults. Specifically, they will allow downloading videos that were recorded by the youth of the Falla Chiva-Francisco de Llano. "Children and adolescents give more authorship to people of their age before this type of advice because they consider that they have greater mastery of these environments than their parents. For this reason, we thought it was fundamental that they give voice to these recommendations, which are essential for them to keep in mind the importance of using technology in a safe way ", said José Rosell, managing-partner of S2 Grupo. These videos have focused on explaining the 9 main current cybersecurity problems and solutions to combat them: grooming (misleading by pedophiles), viruses and malware, digital fauna, passwords (which strong ones must be used to prevent cybercriminals from having access to our accounts), the use of public Wi-Fis, phishing (identity theft), cyberbullying, risks in social networks and techno-addiction. "The digital transformation of society is a fact in all its areas and, along with this, cybercrime has increased. In addition, we must bear in mind that children increasingly younger use technologies connected to the network. That is why it is so important to transfer information to adults and young people that allows them to handle these environments in a safe way. Las Fallas festivity is the basis of the Valencian culture, they have a great disseminating role and they are a huge social speaker, precisely, to raise awareness about this", said Miguel A. Juan, managing-partner of S2 Grupo. For this reason, the Fallas has taken action in the matter and from its outstanding place it decided to collaborate as an amplifying instrument of this awareness-raising work that for more than 15 years has been carried out by the Valencian cybersecurity company S2 Grupo. The Falla Chiva-Francisco de Llano accepted the challenge of joining this project and for this the children’s falla of 2018 has been created around the concept of cybersecurity. Honor Activities for some cybersecurity Fallas: Saturday, visit of the Fallera Mayor Infantil of Valencia and its Court of Honor On Saturday, March 17 at 11:30 the Fallera Mayor Infantil of Valencia, Daniela Gómez, and her Court of Honor will inaugurate the children's monument of the Falla Chiva-Francisco de Llano, as a sign of her support for this work of awareness. The visit of the President of the Generalitat, Ximo Puig, the delegate of the Government, Juan Carlos Moragues, and the deputy Jose Maria Chiquillo, among others, is also scheduled. In addition, in the afternoon, a session of "ProtegITs" for children will be scheduled to be held at the falla. It is a session organized by experts from S2 Grupo to transfer to the children the most important cyber risks they are exposed to in an entertaining, fun and practical way and how to avoid them. Along with this, CISO's (information security officers) of the main companies in Spain have been invited to know firsthand these lines of awareness essential to combat cybersecurity from the most primary phase: people, and share knowledge to increase the cyber-protection of the most vulnerable groups. Offering 4.0: more than 100 messages arrive from around the world to be delivered at one of the most commemorative events of the Fallas S2 Grupo, with the aim of combining tradition and innovation, has launched another pioneering initiative, which is the Offering 4.0. This will allow, for the first time, people who cannot physically be at the Fallas, to make their own offering. Through a web page created for this project, more than 100 Falla lovers who cannot be at this event,  which is one of the most commemorative of this festivity, have left messages that have been collected in a book. On March 18th, the Chiva-Francisco de Llano Falla Commission will take it and deliver it to the dressers of the Virgin and the Central Fallera Board, together with the traditional flowers, when they participate in the offering. More information: