The Minister of Science and Innovation visits the S2 Grupo SOC in Valencia

It is one of the most relevant Security Operations Centers in Spain.
06 Apr 2022
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  • She also learnt about the extensive work carried out by the company in R&D+i as well as its Industrial Cybersecurity Laboratory and its CERT, which are pioneers and a reference in our country.


Valencia, April 6, 2022 - The Minister of Science and Innovation, Diana Morant, visited today the facilities of the cybersecurity company S2 Grupo in Valencia.

Specifically, she has known first hand the Security Operations Center of this company, which has become one of the most important SOCs in Spain. S2 Grupo is currently a national and international benchmark in Cybersecurity and Cyberintelligence. One of its great values is to remain as one of the few cybersecurity companies 100% Spanish and with its own technology.

In this meeting, the managing partners of S2 Grupo, José Rosell and Miguel A. Juan, explained to Diana Morant all the work done by this company in R+D+i in cybersecurity and cyberintelligence.

In addition, he visited its CERT (24/7 Operations and Incident Response Center), which is also a reference throughout the country. S2 Grupo CERT is an operations center that provides services in the IT and OT fields and serves customers of all kinds anywhere in the world. The team of experts of this company has explained how they have four operational centers in Valencia, Madrid, Bogotá and Mexico City from which they provide, in a syndicated way, continuous protection, detection and response services in cybersecurity.

"It is an honor to have been able to show the Minister of Science and Innovation the work we are doing to make a decisive contribution to the development of innovative technologies that enable the protection of public administration, companies and citizens in many countries", said José Rosell.

 "The Government's Digital Spain 2025 strategy has highlighted the commitment of this Ministry to digitalization, which we know is an ambitious challenge that must always go hand in hand with cybersecurity. For the Minister of Science and Innovation, research, development and innovation are priority areas for economic and social development, and its policies to support sectorial R&D+i will benefit Spain's cybersecurity as a great strength and a benchmark in Europe", said Miguel A. Juan.

Investment in innovation and development is an essential part of S2 Grupo's activity. In this sense, it has been highlighted that, due to the fact that threats in our digital society are multiplying at a rapid pace, it is necessary to have new solutions and initiatives, which win the battle against cybercrime and contribute to the creation of a cybersecure world. The company currently participates in more than 50 national and European programs for the creation of new developments to boost the availability of its own technology in the field of cybersecurity and end technological dependence on other continents.

It also collaborates with the European Commission and other international organizations and works on the creation of proprietary technology that will enable us to be more independent and competitive with other countries. In this field, the company participates in projects dedicated to industrial cybersecurity, protection against advanced attacks, protection of IoT devices, protection of critical infrastructures, artificial intelligence, anomaly detection and user security.

During this visit Diana Morant was also able to visit the Industrial Cybersecurity Laboratory of S2 Grupo, where they work to advance in the protection of all types of infrastructures. The laboratory has different teams that operate in different sectors in which they are specialists such as transport with a real charging station, an ICU for the defense and protection of healthcare facilities and patients, as well as digital twins of industrial systems of all kinds.

Finally, the Minister of Science and Innovation visited the CSIRT- CV, the incident response center of the Valencian Community, which has become a successful model to be implemented in the rest of the Autonomous Communities.


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