More than 39% of technology users have suffered the theft of private information by cybercriminals

02 Dec 2019
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  • The cybersecurity company S2 Grupo has conducted a survey through its blog in which, together with this data, 17.9% claim to have suffered blackmail through Social Networks or other connected environments.
  • Currently, the main motivation for cybercrime is economic and it is estimated that it moves more money than pornography and drug trafficking combined.
  • The digital transformation of society is a fact and safeguarding the information available in environments connected to the Internet is essential for the security of both people and companies.

  Valencia, November 27, 2019.- On the occasion of the celebration on Saturday November 30 of the International Information Security Day, the company S2 Grupo has warned that 39.5% of users of devices connected to the Internet has been the victim of theft of private information (photos, videos, credit card information, etc.) by cybercriminals. This data is extracted from a survey carried out by the cybersecurity company through its blog, whose purpose is to raise awareness among families of the safe use of technology to increase their safety in the use of these devices. Along with this, 17.9% claim to have suffered blackmail in connected environments such as Social Networks or other channels. Despite this data, 50.7% of users have admitted not using any measure to protect their privacy in the use of smartphones, computers, tablets or IoT devices, among others. “The digital transformation of society is a fact, the risks to which both people and companies are exposed in relation to all the information they share on devices connected to the Internet have increased. The problem is that we are still not sufficiently aware that the most vulnerable link to be cyber-protected corresponds to the human factor. Beyond the use of antivirus and other measures, it is essential that people take responsibility and internalize cybersecurity actions. For example, by not opening emails whose origin is unknown, will be of help”, said José Rosell, managing-partner of S2 Grupo. “Currently, the main motivation of cyber-attacks is money. I don't think it's an exaggeration to say that cybercrime moves as much money as pornography and drug trafficking combined. And we must bear in mind that people are part of the problem, but also part of the solution. We need to raise awareness in society, not just among employees, but among every single person, on a personal level or in their business. We must take reasonable precautions and develop technological security habits like the ones we apply in our real life. We must educate in cybersecurity to face our technological fears”, said Miguel A. Juan, managing-partner of S2 Grupo. Finally, in this study, 61.5% of those surveyed said they did not know how to check if any of the items connected to the Internet in their home had been “compromised” (intervened or used by other unauthorized persons) and only the 14.3% claimed to use antivirus, specific applications for this purpose or to check if there was an anomalous use such as an excess of the amount of data used. More information: