S2 Grupo awarded for its contribution to the cybersecurity in the industrial sector

11 Jul 2018
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  • He has received the Luis Merelo i Mas award for the Industrial Engineering project.
  • "Industry 4.0" is characterized by the hyper-connectivity of all systems, in particular, all those in charge of operations. In this sense, experts from S2 Grupo have pointed out that cybersecurity is essential since any industrial infrastructure can be attacked and become a target for cybercrime, cyber-espionage or cyber-terrorism.
  • Some consequences of the action of cyber-criminals in the industrial field can be from theft of confidential information (such as patents, etc.), to sabotage of the systems or economic damages, among others.
  • The company, founded in 1999, has become a national reference in the field of cybersecurity and cyber intelligence.

Valencia, July 9, 2018.-S2 Grupo, a company specializing in cybersecurity and critical systems management, has received the Luis Merelo i Mas Award for the Industrial Engineering project that has been awarded by the Official Association of Industrial Engineers of the Valencian Community in the third edition of the "Night of Industry", held last Friday at the Palau de Les Arts Reina Sofia. The objective of this award was to recognize the contribution of the Valencian company, S2 Grupo, to improving cybersecurity in the industrial sector. S2 Grupo, founded and directed by José Miguel Rosell and Miguel Ángel Juan, has managed to become a national benchmark in the field of cybersecurity and cyber-intelligence. "This recognition drives us to continue growing, researching and working with all our efforts to offer a cyber-secure world that guarantees the maximum protection of our industrial environments, of course, but above all of society and the people who make it up. We are very grateful to the Association of Industrial Engineers for this award, which further strengthens our commitment in this area", said José Rosell, Managing Partner of S2 Grupo. Currently, the era of the so-called "Industry 4.0" based on hyper-connectivity is being experienced as the basis for business efficiency. This implies the connectivity of the industrial control systems that are used, among other things, to control critical infrastructures (transport, water supply, etc.) or any production environment. Experts from S2 Grupo have pointed out that this is, of course, a huge step forward, poses a considerable risk if they become targets of cybercrime, cyberterrorism or industrial cyber- espionage. In fact, there are already reports of a large number of incidents in the field of control systems and, therefore, cyber-protection is essential. "The impact of an attack on a critical infrastructure can be significant. The consequences could be economic, environmental and, even, have human losses. Industrial control systems can be affected by different types of cyber-threats such as sabotage, information theft, fraud, blackmail, economic damage to the company or even affect their corporate reputation, all of which we have seen notable examples of in recent months . From S2 Grupo we work with a multidisciplinary team, including industrial engineers, to know the real state of the cybersecurity in the facilities and implement systems to ensure their protection", explained Miguel A. Juan, Managing Partner of S2 Grupo. More information: