S2 Grupo develops together with Bankia the first cybersecurity index for companies

18 Dec 2017
2 Minutes of reading
  • “Secur@ Index” will allow companies to perform a quick self-assessment to know the level of security that protects their information.
  • Through this service offered by Bankia, from its platform Soluciona Empresas, they will know the real state of their cybersecurity as well as their weak points to establish an action plan and correctly manage the digital risks they face. This will allow to prevent them and react to them in a fast, effective and efficient way.
  • S2 Grupo is currently one of the national and European reference companies in the field of cybersecurity and cyber-intelligence.

Valencia, November 20, 2017.- S2 Grupo has developed together with Bankia Secure @ Index. It is the first rapid self-assessment index in the field of cybersecurity for companies. Through this tool, which will increase the level of protection of company information, they will be able to know the real state of their cybersecurity as well as the areas where they need to improve in order to guarantee the correct protection of their data. This service offered by Bankia to its clients consists of a brief and complete questionnaire that allows a quick audit of the security level of the company's information. "The management of information security of a company is essential to ensure its continuity. We live in a world completely connected to the network and that requires the incorporation of new measures that safeguard one of the main assets of a company, regardless of its size, as it is the data it handles. A cyber-attack could mean loss of balance sheets in recent years, loss of control over invoices issued or received, theft of prices, strategies, list of customers, etc. In short, essential information to continue with the business", said Rafael Rosell, sales and marketing director of S2 Grupo. Bankia will offer Secur@ Index through "Soluciona Empresas", its platform of digital tools to help companies. In this case, their objective is that they can set in motion initiatives and processes that allow to know and properly manage the information security risks that they face, to be able to prevent them and react to them from a fast, effective and efficient way. Its use will determine the degree of maturity of the company in areas such as management, logical security, physical security, operation and development, cybersecurity incidents and compliance. In addition, it will provide a report of results that will identify the weak points and opportunities for improvement in order to establish an action plan. Along with this, the user will be familiar and will know first-hand some of the main existing protective measures. It is a tool of great help for those companies that want to know the real state in which they are in the field of information security and are interested in making improvements but do not know where to start. In addition, it is very useful in cases of SMEs that start to grow and in which their management team feels a concern because their infrastructure is adequately prepared to face the technological risks that currently haunt any sector. For the director of Products and Services of Companies of Bankia, Mauro Fernández, "the new platform is thought for all type of companies, from the smallest to the biggest. But, logically, and due to their size, SMEs are the ones that can benefit the most, since their resources to face certain challenges are much more limited than those of the big ones". 'Soluciona Empresas' will contribute to completing Bankia's offer to the business sector, which is currently the best proposal in the market in terms of differentiated service quality, and is based on offering the best products and services, as well as tools with high added value ", Says Fernández. More information: