S2 Grupo implements more than 150 good practices to improve society

23 May 2019
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  • The cybersecurity company has presented # Evoluciona2, its CSR program that describes the company's strategy to develop the business without losing sight of its responsibility to the people who work in the company and society.
  • #Evoluciona2 is a program that aims to bring together around the S2 Grupo brand another way of doing business as a distinctive and qualitative feature, advancing the company while contributing as a team to the creation of a better world.
  • #Evoluciona2 contains more than 150 initiatives oriented through 7 axes to contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG): S2 Grupo employees, their families, the promotion of equality through actions in the field of women, young people, health and wellbeing, society and the world through sustainability and cybersecurity.

Valencia, May 21, 2019.-The Valencian company S2 Grupo has been working for years to become one of the best companies to work for. In this sense, it has presented #Evoluciona2, his Corporate Social Responsibility program that describes the company's strategy to develop the business without losing sight of its responsibility to the people working in the company and society. Although all these actions are part and have been developed since the creation of S2 Grupo in 1999, #Evoluciona2 means the progress and union under a single umbrella of more than 150 initiatives of good practices implemented by the company to contribute its grain of sand to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) with the conviction of contributing to a better, fairer and cybersecure world. "Our main objective has always been to anticipate a cyber-secure world and bring value to the world. For this reason, for years we have been carring out numerous actions to generate a positive impact on society, our employees, their families, young people and the promotion of equality, among other areas, and the time has come to make them known in order to promote these types of actions are contagious in the business framework. We have a great commitment and we believe that we must contribute from our positions to improve the world", said José Rosell, managing-partner of S2 Grupo. "One of the fundamental ideas that we have defended since the creation of S2 Grupo is that the growth of the company and the business are not at odds, at all, with the development of strong values ​​and social conscience. For this reason, we have been pioneers in matters of great importance such as equality, conciliation, teleworking or intrapreneurship", said Miguel A. Juan, managing-partner of S2 Grupo. #Evoluciona2  es la forma de construir el negocio de S2 Grupo. Una forma de hacer negocios basada en fuertes valores sociales como rasgo distintivo y, a la vez, una forma de contribuir como equipo a un mundo mejor. # Evoluciona2 is the way to build the S2 Group business. A way of doing business based on strong social values as a distinctive feature and, at the same time, a way to contribute as a team to a better world. “#Evoluciona2 hace de S2 Grupo un lugar donde, además de trabajar para desarrollar un negocio, esto se puede hacer con un fuerte compromiso social trabajandoen torno a siete ejes que nos parecen claves, aportando valor a cada uno de ellos. Hemos configurado la empresa como un lugar desde el que evolucionar juntos y dónde el trabajo tiene un fuerte sentido de contribución”, ha continuado Miguel A. Juan. "# Evoluciona2 makes S2 Grupo a place where, in addition to working to develop a business, this can be done with a strong social commitment working around seven axes that seem key to us, adding value to each one of them. We have configured the company as a place from which to evolve together and where the work has a strong sense of contribution ", Miguel A. Juan continued. Evoluciona2: improving the world through 7 axes The more than 150 good practices implemented, for years, by S2 Grupo define the concept of #Evoluciona2 to improve our environment and make a positive impact on the world. Structured around 7 axes that are aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals are the following:

  1. Their employees.- guaranteeing professional development through continuous training, international mobility, internal networking, TEDIS talks (through which the company's employees share with their colleagues information on topics they master beyond the field of cybersecurity), generational diversity, promoting internal communication, etc.
  2. Family members of their employees - integrating families in artistic and sports activities, creating contests for employees' children, etc.
  3. - fostering the presence of women in the technology sector through internal promotion to management positions, workshops in schools for girls, combating domestic violence, etc.
  4. Young people, the future.- through the promotion of internal entrepreneurship, participation in the Enigma Cybersecurity Master’s Degree, participation in volunteer activities, etc.
  5. Health, well-being. - promoting a healthy diet and the practice of sports, as well as other activities such as mindfulness or creating a cardio-protected area, among other initiatives.
  6. - through the implementation of information and awareness-raising initiatives such as its and Security Art Work blogs, its podcast Security on Air, the creation of the first cybersecurity falla or its Protegits program.
  7. The World.- working for its sustainability and cybersecurity, with the incorporation of energy saving guidelines, awareness of the importance of active recycling, etc.

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