S2 Grupo, in collaboration with the Chamber of Commerce of Valencia, presents the 1st International Master in Cyber intelligence

12 Jan 2017
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  • It is the first time that a specialization in this field is offered in Spain.
  • The purpose is to train professionals who configure an optimal Intelligence Service to know and prevent the dangers of cyberspace, and properly defend the interests of each organization, whether public or private. *
  • The Master’s will work with experts from the National Intelligence Center, the Joint Cyber ​​Defense Force, the Intelligence Center of the Armed Forces and the Polytechnic University of Valencia, among others.

S2 Grupo, a company specialized in cybersecurity and exploitation of critical systems, in collaboration with the Chamber of Commerce of Valencia, has launched the First International Master’s in Cyber ​​Intelligence. It is the first time in Spain that a Master's degree is being carried out in this specialization, which is fundamental in a world in which virtually everything is cyber-connected and new technologies are one of the most used ways to commit crimes, spy or even militarily attack other countries. "A good Intelligence Service needs to know in depth how any type of attack can occur to anticipate the dangers, prevent them from occurring and, in the end, defend better. And this is precisely the purpose of this training", said José Rosell, associate-director of S2 Grupo. The National Cybersecurity Strategy focuses on the specialization of professionals and the enhancement of their technical capacities in this area, as essential elements to protect us properly and achieve safe and reliable cyberspace. In this context, S2 Grupo has applied its extensive experience in cybersecurity to develop a Master's degree specialized in cyber-intelligence aimed at professionals in the military sector, private companies and administrations who need to protect their interests on the Internet against attacks by a third party. In terms of content, students will be trained in the development of cybersecurity and cyber-intelligence competencies in accordance with the requirements of the National Cybersecurity Strategy and will be provided with a realistic and comprehensive view of the current situation, associated issues and the possible countermeasures to be implemented in practice with the aim of creating a technological ecosystem in the area of ​​cyber-intelligence in our country. The 1st International Master’s in Cyber ​​Intelligence will have among its teaching staff experts from the National Intelligence Center, the Joint Cyber ​​Defense Force, the Civil Guard, the Armed Forces Intelligence Center, the NATO Cyber ​​Defense Network in Estonia, The Polytechnic University of Valencia, the University of Valencia and the Estonian IT College, among others. In addition, students will have the possibility of doing internships in the organizing companies or in the collaborating entities of the Master’s. More information: