SEPI Desarrollo contributes 3.5 million euros to S2 Grupo to boost its international expansion

20 Sep 2018
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  • With this financing to S2 Grupo, the State shows its support for national development in the cybersecurity sector and thus put an end to Spain's technological dependence on other countries.
  • The company has developed an ambitious "strategic plan 2018-2022" to position itself as one of the leading global cybersecurity companies.
  • S2 Grupo plans to increase its workforce by 40% in the coming years.

Valencia, September 4, 2018.- The public company SEPI Desarrollo Empresarial (SEPIDES), a company of the State Company of Industrial Participations, has contributed 3.5 million euros to S2 Grupo, a Valencian company specializing in cybersecurity and cyber-intelligence, with the objective of promoting its international expansion. In this sense, at the end of 2017, the Advisory Board of S2 Group approved an ambitious "strategic plan 2018-2022" whose purpose is to position itself as one of the leading global cybersecurity companies in the next four years. "Financing was key to the development of our strategic plan for the coming years and, therefore, the fact that it has recently been approved by the SEPI board has meant receiving the impetus we needed to grow not only at a European level but also at an international level", said José Rosell, managing-partner of S2 Grupo. "We must bear in mind that it is Spain, the State itself, which through SEPIDES has invested and has strongly committed itself to national development in cybersecurity. Undoubtedly, by supporting our company, which is a national leader in this sector, our country, like Europe, has shown a commitment to overcome its strong technological dependence on other countries", said Miguel A. Juan, managing-partner of S2 Grupo. S2 Grupo: strategic plan 2018-2022 The main objective of S2 Grupo’s 2018-2022 strategic plan is its international expansion, so financing by SEPIDES is key to achieve it. Among other actions, the company plans to increase its current workforce by 40% over the next few years, incorporating a large number of professionals with a high level of knowledge and experience in the technology sector. In addition, it has invested heavily both in the development of new products and in the improvement of existing products. A strong investment in the development of national cybersecurity technology is also planned. For years now, S2 Grupo has been the company that, in cooperation with the State through the National Cryptology Center, has developed tools that have been key to the defense of Public Administrations and strategic Spanish companies. One example is CARMEN, a solution developed with the aim of identifying the "commitment" (if it has been accessed by third parties) of an organization’s network by advanced persistent threats (APT). Together with this software, they also jointly developed GLORIA, a platform for managing cybersecurity incidents and threats through complex event correlation techniques with the aim of perfecting advanced detection and minimizing the impact of any type of action on the part of cybercriminals Based on the SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) systems, it goes one step beyond the capabilities monitoring, storage and interpretation the relevant data up to now. More information: