The exponential growth of the types and number of cyber-attacks, main threat to the development of the business of organizations

21 May 2018
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  • In order to solve this situation, S2 Grupo has developed "Thetis" an advanced cyber-intelligence service that will allow to anticipate threats in digital environments.
  • The work on the analysis of the Trickbot banking virus by the team of experts from S2 Grupo in 2016, allowed its users to know in detail and incorporate precautionary measures to avoid being victims of this Trojan.                                         

Valencia, April 24, 2018.- In recent years, the increase in the number and type of cyber-threats that can put companies and organizations at risk has increased exponentially and, in this sense, anticipating the movements of cybercriminals has become fundamental for their information and systems to be protected. Faced with this situation, S2 Grupo, a Valencian company specialized in cybersecurity and critical systems management, has launched "Thetis" (The Threat Intelligence Service) which is an advanced and guaranteed cyber intelligence service for the early detection of advanced threats in organizations. The objective of this initiative is to offer information on the new threats and behaviors of cyber-attacks to those responsible for information technology and telecommunications systems so that they know them in advance and can minimize the risks the entities they belong to are exposed to. "Currently, we are faced with a complex reality: the variability in the types and behaviors of cyber-attacks is so high that a constant study of these threats is necessary to generate intelligence in a continuous manner that allows us to prevent, detect and, of course, eradicate them from organizations", said José Rosell, managing-partner of S2 Grupo. "Performing this task is usually unaffordable for the CISOS of a company, because of the volume that it supposes, and yet, it is essential for its protection in the digital environment. For this reason, we have decided to develop this service that will allow companies to incorporate the knowledge of the CERT (Computer Emergency Response Team) of S2 Grupo in its Know How and be able to anticipate the action of cybercriminals", explained Miguel A. Juan, managing-partner of S2 Grupo. As an example, the team of experts of S2 Grupo worked on the in-depth analysis of the different evolutions of the Trojan virus "Trickbot" that affected the banking sector at the end of 2016. This allowed us to incorporate new protection measures and thus avoid being victims of what became one of the most aggressive viruses for this sector. In this way, Thetis from S2 Grupo will allow gathering all the intelligence generated by the incident response team and the one compiled by its digital surveillance service, to centralize it and provide it to users of this cyber intelligence service with the aim of increasing its cyber-protection. "So far, there have been some public sources that offer information on new trends in malware but are not specific enough and do not cover the entire spectrum of compromise generators that need to be controlled to avoid falling into the networks of cybercriminals", specified José Rosell. Alongside this, S2 Grupo has a Malware Laboratory in which experts in cybersecurity continuously analyze the main threats, allowing to define unknown risks so far and ways that could put critical infrastructure at risk and that had not been discovered until then. With all this information, through the Thetis cyber-intelligence service, its users will be able to know all the details of the new harmful code, its technical characteristics, the disinfection mechanisms, as well as cyber-intelligence tools for prevention and detection. More information: