The main companies and institutions responsible for national cybersecurity will participate in the Fallas to make families aware of the safe use of technology

23 Feb 2019
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  • S2 Grupo has promoted the creation of the "Singular Club", which will be inaugurated tomorrow, and in which the Generalitat Valenciana participates through the CSIRT-CV, CCN (National Cryptological Center), Air Nostrum, Global Omnium, Fermax, Panda and Broseta Lawyers.
  • The aim of this initiative is to combat cybercrime by raising awareness in society.
  • S2 Grupo has joined, for the second consecutive year, the Chiva-Francisco de Llano commission to create the II cybersecure Falla, which is interactive and this year will focus on cybersecurity in homes, and the 4.0 Offering.

Valencia, 22 February 2019.- Today the Valencian company S2 Grupo has presented the creation of the Singular Club and the II cybersecure Falla, two pioneering initiatives to promote the safe use of technologies in the most vulnerable families and groups and prevent them from being victims of cybercriminals. José Rosell and Miguel A. Juan, managing-partners of S2 Grupo; Jaime Castillo, of Global Omnium; Juan Puig, vice president of Falla Chiva-Francisco de Llano; Marta Puig, Fallera Mayor of this commission; and the fallero artist Salva Dolz participated in the presentation ceremony, which took place this morning. The Singular Club is the first organization created to raise awareness of cybersecurity in society, focusing on particularly vulnerable groups such as children or women who are victims of domestic violence. From this perspective, one of its first actions will be to collaborate with the Fallas festivity to turn it into a pole of cybersecurity awareness in these sectors of the population. S2 Grupo has launched this initiative together with experts from leading companies and institutions responsible for national cybersecurity such as the CSIRT-CV (response center for cybersecurity incidents of the Generalitat Valenciana), CCN (National Cryptological Center), Air Nostrum, Global Omnium, Fermax, Panda and Broseta Abogados. "From the Singular Club we want to convey the message to the whole world that we are committed to improving the quality of digital life in society. We live in a hyper-connected and technology-dependent society in which we are all susceptible to cyber-attacks such as cyberbullying, theft of data, photos or money, for example. Therefore, the aim is to ensure that especially vulnerable groups, such as our children, have the right knowledge to protect themselves from them. Living in a more advanced society is necessarily equivalent to a high level of cybersecurity", said José Rosell, managing-partner of S2 Grupo. Jaime Castillo, of Global Omnium, stressed that this initiative is very important to achieve long-term benefits in this area at the social level and, to achieve this, it is necessary that the main agents in cybersecurity unite to extend the action of their activity to other areas of society. The Singular Club will hold its inaugural dinner tomorrow, Saturday, 23 February, at the Silken Puerta Valencia hotel, coinciding with the falleros of honor dinner of the Falla Chiva-Francisco de Llano. S2 Grupo and the Falla Chiva - Francisco de Llano: II edition of the interactive cybersecurity falla and the 4.0 Offering After the success and the great impact in 2018 of this initiative to align cybersecurity and fallas, S2 Grupo has joined the Chiva-Francisco de Llano commission for the second consecutive year to create a children's sculpture for cybersecurity and to launch the 2nd 4.0 Offering. "The desire of S2 Grupo is to anticipate a cyber-secure world and this union with the Fallas was born precisely with the intention of getting this message across to as many people as possible. The Fallas, as the main celebration of the Valencians and Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity, is an excellent bridge to become aware of the risks to which we are exposed and thus achieve a more protected and advanced society", explained Miguel A. Juan, managing-partner of S2 Grupo. Juan Puig, president of the Falla Chiva-Francisco de Llano has assured that "with this initiative we have achieved that, beyond the aspect of denunciation that each sculpture entails, children learn with it and contribute to spread the message that it is essential to use technology in a safe way so as not to be victims of cybercrime". This year, the fallero artist Salva Dolz has focused the sculpture on an essential theme such as "cybersecurity in homes". Without a doubt, technology is increasingly present in homes (smart loudspeakers, smart televisions, computers, tablets, smartphones, video consoles, home automation technology, etc.) and it is necessary for families to know the risks involved and how to use these devices in a cybersecure way to protect your privacy and heritage. In addition, children are one of the most exposed groups due to their enormous use of technology and ignorance of the dangers involved. "The sculpture that was created this year to convey the message, consists of a family of superheroes that protect us all who are still in diapers in the digital world. And this includes both children and adults", explained the fallero artist. The falla created by Salva Dolz once again will stand out for its capacity for innovation and will allow interactive access, through the use of a google system integrated into the falla, to digital content that will transfer messages to children and adults so they know the cyberthreats to which they can be exposed in the framework of our homes and learn how to protect themselves so that they reduce their exposure to cyber risks. On the other hand, innovation will once again join the Fallas through Offering 4.0. Last year more than 200 people from several continents participated in this initiative that allowed them to leave their messages online for the Chiva-Francisco de Llano commission to deliver them in what is one of the most commemorative acts of the Fallas festival. This year the goal is to achieve the same participation and extend the invitation also to all Valencians who are not falleros but would like to give an offering to the Virgin in this act and, of course, to anyone who wants to participate in this act. To participate in the offering 4.0 you only have to access the website: In addition, during the fallera week different activities will be carried out for children and adults focused on home cybersecurity in which they will learn, among other things, how to configure the technological devices of the home (routers, video consoles, smart tv, etc.) to be more secure. As S2 Grupo has pointed out, society’s awareness of cybersecurity is essential to advance on the digital path in which we are immersed. More information: