TERESA is an Intelligence System based on the semantic correlation of events, with which we provide organizations with a complete digital surveillance service.


Thanks to TERESA, possible risks to the reputation and security of companies are covered. From Social Media Crisis, slander, negative reviews, false profiles and abuse of the logo and brand to information leaks, phishing, web hacking, theft of credentials and all kinds of technology vulnerabilities.


TERESA monitors multiple sources of information (social networks, blogs, forums, TOR, pastebines, domains, exposed services and more) and collects information related to the client's objectives. This information is processed and evaluated by correlation rules in order to detect sensitive content that could put the security of the company at risk or affect its reputation.


TERESA has a representation or ontology system that presents semantic information on a large number of words that can affect the polarization of a text. Ontology is the semantic representation of a dictionary of words, in which each word contains a score according to its polarization component, positive or negative. Finally, the result of the correlation is sent to the presentation layer.


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