42% of users use the same password for everything

The cybersecurity company S2 Grupo has warned that despite the technological revolution we are living through, there is still little awareness of the importance of using strong passwords.
05 May 2022
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  • Among the main mistakes we make is using the same password for everything, not changing them periodically or saving them in the browser, among others.
  • The passwords '12345', 'password', 'abc123' or 'qwerty' are some of the most unsecure and are still the most used.


Valencia, May 4, 2022 - On Thursday, May 5, is World Password Day and, on the occasion of this event, the cybersecurity company S2 Grupo has warned that a good percentage of the cyber dangers we face on the network are possible by using weak passwords.

In this sense and, according to a survey carried out from its blog, 42% of the participants assured that they used the same password for everything. This is one of the main mistakes made when selecting the first security barrier we set in the online world.

"Noone would ever think of having the same key for their house, apartment, mailbox, car or gym locker, would they? In the offline world we know this can not happen and, therefore, a thief would not try his luck. However, in the online world this dangerous practice is common and cybercriminals are also savvy. Therefore, doing so puts all our devices, accounts and personal information at high risk", said José Rosell, managing partner of S2 Grupo.

"The second most frequent mistake in relation to our passwords is to use only letters, numbers or only a combination of words and numbers. We are in 2022, the world is experiencing a brutal technological revolution in recent years. However, the most used passwords, and therefore the worst and most unsecure, are still '12345', 'password', 'abc123' or 'qwerty', for example", said Miguel A. Juan, managing partner of S2 Grupo.

S2 Grupo's team of experts has insisted on the importance of emphasizing the use of strong passwords and the need to see them as the first great barrier to prevent the action of cybercriminals.

As they pointed out, other common mistakes we often make in relation to passwords is not renewing them periodically, saving them in the browser for convenience, writing them down on our own devices, etc.


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