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Investing in innovation and development is an essential part of S2 Grupo's activity. The threats in our digital society are multiplying at a rapid rate and we need to prepare ourselves with new solutions and initiatives that will win the game and help us build the cyber-secure world we want.


We participate in more than 50 European projects, with an investment of more than 15 million euros. We collaborate with the European Commission and other international organizations and we are concerned with developing our own technology that allows us to be more independent and competitive. Working with other research centers and companies in Europe enriches our organization and drives us to grow.


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Development of a non-intrusive device for the protection of industrial control systems against APTs and other cyber threats present in an industry 4.0 environment.


Development of cybersecurity tools for industrial control systems.

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The objective of this project is to build a distributed threat hunting tool based on CARMEN, which allows the exchange of cyber-intelligence and the automated integration of external intelligence sources. SME R&D Program.


Identification of dynamic malware patterns for defense against cyber-attacks. The objective of this project is to create dynamic patterns for the detection of advanced and targeted cyber-attacks.


Diaca is an R&D&I project of S2 Grupo for the intelligent detection of advanced cyber security threats at the endpoint.


Environment for the Systematization of Processing, Analysis and Detection of Threats.


The SAURON project proposes to guarantee an adequate level of physical and cyber protection for the ports of the European Union and to limit, as far as possible, the detrimental effects on society and citizens of a combined (physical/cyber) attack.

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Research in cybersecurity technologies for the deployment of a Safer Electrical Network.To research and develop new technologies for the prevention and detection of cyber-attacks in order to increase.


Advanced platform for real-time risk management in the supply chain. The goal of AST * RISK is to improve security in the supply chain by introducing a real-time monitoring and risk management platform, which will also feature a simulator for scenario analysis.


New strategies and technological tools for the delivery logistics consumer products.


Cybersane is a project that proposes a cutting-edge solution to improve the detection and analysis of cyber-attacks on critical infrastructures.

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Development of an advanced detection system capable of dealing with APTs and other threats in the context of modern Industrial Control Systems, taking into account the characteristics of Industry 4.0 and its integration of IoT technologies.


Roll-to-roll paper sensors.

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FastFix provides developers with an efficient and accurate software maintenance environment to save time.

Artificial intelligence. svg arrow-down


Ontology-based services platform for the management of R&D+i aid programs.

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Muses is the software that reinforces the security of your company, by reducing the risks introduced by user behavior.


System of Protection, Advice and Control of the IT Environment. The goal of SPACE-IT is twofold. On the one hand, ensure user protection in a heterogeneous working environment that incorporates moving elements and constant change.

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