The City Council of Valencia supports cybersecurity in the Fallas

The councilman of Digital Agenda and Electronic Administration, Pere Fuset, visited this morning the children's monument of the Falla Chiva-Francisco de Llano, which has won the 2nd prize in the 2nd category, and which is dedicated to the protection of families in digital environments.
16 Mar 2022
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  • Since 2018, the Valencian cybersecurity company S2 Grupo has joined forces with the Falla Chiva-Francisco de Llano to create the first project that unites tradition and cybersecurity.
  • The motto of the children's monument of this commission is "Conectats", through which it will be possible to interactively access tips to avoid being victims of cyber threats.
  • The aim of this initiative is to combat cybercrime by raising awareness in society, since training in this area and the development of safe practices by individuals is one of the essential factors to prevent it.


Valencia, March 16, 2022.- The Valencia City Council has supported the importance of cybersecurity in the Fallas, visiting this morning the most representative monument in this area, which is located in the Falla Chiva-Francisco de Llano.

Since 2018, the Valencian cybersecurity company S2 grupo and this Commission have joined forces to, through its children's monument created by the Fallas artist Salva Dolz, raise awareness among the youngest about the risks hidden in technology with the aim of achieving a more secure society.

"The Fallas are the perfect loudspeaker to reach society and raise awareness that the massive use of technology in all areas of life entails risks with which it is essential to know how to live and, very importantly, that one must learn to manage properly. We can no longer live with our backs turned to this", said José Rosell, managing partner of S2 Grupo.

El Ayuntamiento de Valencia es un referente en digitalización y está haciendo de Valencia uno de los proyectos de Smart City más importante de nuestra geografia. Digitalización y ciberseguridad tienen que ir unidos claramente para aprovechar los beneficios de la tecnología y minimizar los nuevos peligros que a través de ella pueden afectar a los ciudadanos”, ha explicado Miguel A. Juan, socio-director de S2 Grupo. "The Valencia City Council is a benchmark in digitization and is making Valencia one of the most important Smart City projects in our geography. Digitalization and cybersecurity must clearly go hand in hand to take advantage of the benefits of technology and minimize the new dangers that can affect citizens through it," explained Miguel A. Juan, managing partner of S2 Grupo.

In this context, the Councilor for Digital Agenda and Electronic Administration, Pere Fuset, wanted to visit this message-laden Falla. He has known how, through its ninots, it contributes in a relevant way to convey such an important message to children, and learn about the initiative and contribute to the relevance of cybersecurity awareness in Valencian society.


2nd Prize 2nd section for the Children's Falla of the Chiva-Francisco de Llano Commission: Cybersecurity and Fallas.

The children's monument of the Falla Chiva-Francisco de Llano has achieved in 2022 the 2nd Prize of the 2nd section. Under its motto "Conectats", you can see a great Goddess that represents the Internet and how, under it, scenes are represented in which appear all the connections that are made with good social purposes and also the connections that are made with an inappropriate or harmful purpose

The purpose of this falla is to show children and adults what good use of this network means and to teach that, both for good and for bad, we are all CONNECTED.

On the other hand, during the next few days, the Falla Chiva-Francisco de Llano will be attended by relevant personalities from the world of national cybersecurity who join, in this innovative way, to this resounding message to our society.

"Technology is here to stay and we have to learn to manage it properly so that we can really move forward", said José Rosell.

This is an innovative project developed jointly with the fallero artist Salva Dolz to raise awareness of cybercrime, which is especially dangerous in the case of the most vulnerable groups such as children, and which will allow interactive access, through QR codes, to digital content that will convey messages to children and adults to know the cyber threats to which they can be exposed and reduce their exposure to cyber risks. In this way, the tradition of a centenary celebration is combined with technology.


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