Cybersecurity arrives at Las Fallas in 2018

13 Dec 2017
3 Minutes of reading
  • The Valencian company S2 Grupo has joined the Falla Chiva-Francisco de Llano to create the first project that unites tradition and cybersecurity.
  • For this purpose, the children's sculpture will be focused on this topic and through it, it will be possible to interactively access tips to avoid being victims of cyber-threats.
  • The objective of this initiative is to combat cybercrime by raising awareness in society, as training in this field and the development of secure practices by people is one of the essential factors to avoid it.
  • In 2018, the first Offering 4.0 will be celebrated. For this, S2 Grupo will enable a website for Valencians from around the world to leave the messages they want to offer in that act, which will be compiled in a book that the Falla will carry along with flowers on the day they parade in the Offering.

Valencia, November 16, 2017.- The Valencian company S2 Grupo and the Falla Chiva-Francisco de Llano have come together to create the first project that brings cybersecurity to the Fallas. In this sense, they have developed the first cybersecurity falla and the world's first offering 4.0. In the act of presentation that took place this morning, José Rosell and Miguel A. Juan, associate-directors of S2 Grupo, Juan Puig, president of Falla Chiva-Francisco de Llano, and the fallero artist Salva Dolz participated. As they explained, this idea emerged with the aim of raising awareness among the population of the importance of using technologies in a secure way to avoid becoming a victim of cybercrime, one of the biggest problems that currently affect both individuals and small businesses and large companies around the world. "Cybercrime is one of the great threats of our century and there are two basic ways to combat it: the use of technological developments that protect the different environments connected to the Internet and the awareness of society. Everyone uses connected technology and therefore it is essential that they learn to use it in a secure way. In this sense, “Fallas” is a fantastic speaker to reach the population", explained José Rosell. “Because we live in a moment in which the digital transformation of society is a fact in all areas (economy, industry, education, popular festivals, etc.), it is necessary to make everyone aware of the importance of the secure use of technologies to avoid becoming victims of the threats we face in cyberspace. In this area, one of the especially vulnerable groups is that of children who are exposed to cases of cyberbullying, cyber harrassment, etc.”, assured Miguel A. Juan. For this reason, the Fallas have taken action in the matter and from their outstanding position they have decided to collaborate as an amplifying instrument of this awareness-raising work that for more than 15 years has been carried out by the Valencian cybersecurity company S2 Grupo. The Falla Chiva-Francisco de Llano has accepted the challenge of joining this project and for this their children's falla of 2018 will be created around the concept of cybersecurity. "We are very committed to this project because we are aware of the great social role of Fallas and we have found it perfect to use the festival as a loudspeaker to help children and adults live cyber-protected, develop their skills and knowledge to achieve this and ensure their security and freedom in the use of new technologies", said Juan Puig, president of Falla Chiva-Francisco de Llano. It is an innovative project developed jointly with the fallero artist Salva Dolz to raise awareness about cybercrime, which is especially dangerous in the case of the most vulnerable groups such as children, and which will allow interactive access, through QR codes, to digital content that will transfer messages to children and adults so that they know the cyber-threats to which they can expose themselves and reduce their exposure to cyber risks. In this way, the tradition of a centennial party is linked to technology. "Since they made me the proposal, it seemed like a very interesting challenge to me because of the innovative nature of the project and the social outreach it entails", said Salva Dolz. "It is the union of a festival that has been declared a World Heritage with the aim of being cared for and protected because of its great cultural and social value along with technology, which nowadays is used throughout our society, which we must protect to guarantee a cyber-secure future for the next generations. From here we want to invite the whole world of Fallas and cybersecurity to participate in this initiative", said Rosell. Activities for a cyber-secure Fallas festival Besides creating a children’s falla with this theme, more activities have been programmed to boost awareness during the fallera week. A session of "ProtegITs" for children is going to be held in the falla. It is a session organized by experts from S2 Grupo to transfer to children the most important cyber-risks they are exposed to, in an entertaining, fun and practical way and also how to avoid them. Along with this, CISO's (responsible for information security) of the leading companies in Spain will be invited to visit Valencia during Fallas to know first-hand these lines of awareness, essential for supporting cybersecurity from the most primary phase that are people and share knowledge to increase the cyber-protection of the most vulnerable groups. On the other hand, and in that desire to combine tradition and innovation, S2 Grupo has created the first Offering 4.0. This initiative will allow in 2018 any Valencian who is anywhere in the world to participate by making their offering in Valencia one of the most commemorative events of the Fallas. The development of this project will consist in the creation of a web page ( through which you can leave the messages that you want to transfer in the form of an offering that day. Once the time has come, a book will be prepared in which all the comments that have been made will be collected and the Falla Chiva-Francisco de Llano will be in charge of carrying it along with the flowers when they parade in the Offering. "The fact that we are exposed to cyber-threats, does not mean we will stop using technology, but will learn to use it in a secure way. Thanks to it we can connect whenever we want with people who are anywhere in the world and, therefore, we want to take advantage of the opportunities it offers so that all Valencians who wish it, regardless of where they are, can make their particular offering in 2018", said Miguel A. Juan. More information: