Cybersecurity becomes a key factor for investing in companies

07 Jan 2019
2 Minutes of reading
  • This is extracted from the 4th edition of the Observatory for Socially Responsible Investment of the Excellence in Sustainability Club and Georgeson, in which S2 Grupo has participated as an expert in cybersecurity analysis
  • S2 Grupo anticipates that the concern for cybersecurity will increase in the coming years and this will make it one of the topics included in the Company annual reports to convey greater confidence to their stakeholders

Valencia, October 31, 2018.- S2 Grupo, a Valencian company specializing in cybersecurity and cyberintelligence, has participated in the 4th edition of the "Observatory for Socially Responsible Investment", developed by Georgeson and the Excellence in Sustainability Club, whose objective is identify the main trends in this area and provide an overview of the main concerns of responsible investors in the social and environmental field. The report shows that cybersecurity has become an important issue in the Boards of Directors of large corporations and in governments and is a key factor taken into account when making decisions. "We must bear in mind that if the digitalization of the economy has meant a multiplication of business opportunities, it has also entailed an increase in risks. In fact, cyber-problems related to information security and the threat of cyber-attacks can put at risk the integrity of entities of any kind", said Miguel A. Juan, managing-partner of S2 Grupo. In this way, cybersecurity has become part of the matters reviewed in the Boards of Directors and this has motivated the inclusion of related aspects in their reports, which contribute to transmitting greater confidence to their stakedolders, such as: the organizational structure of cybersecurity, risk management and incident response, compliance, privacy, awareness and training, cybersecurity plan or master security plan and cybersecurity as a corporate responsibility. "We still miss that the companies in their annual reports refer to the cyber incidents that they have suffered that year, how they have affected them or not, etc., but we are convinced that this will change in the near future for different reasons, such as the entry into force of the General Data Protection Regulations or notification obligations imposed by the NIS Directive ", explained José Rosell, managing-partner of S2 Grupo. In any case, the concern for cybersecurity is an aspect that is expected to increase every year, at the same time as the digital evolution, and this is more than likely to be reflected in the annual reports of the companies because it will be the investors who will request greater transparency and information in relation to this area to assess the suitability or risk in business. More information: