Euskaltel joins forces with S2 Grupo to expand cybersecurity services to its business customers

Both companies have sealed an alliance that will allow Euskaltel to expand its cybersecurity services to its client companies, and S2 Grupo to continue its expansion in the north of Spain.
28 Mar 2022
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March 28, 2022.- The cybersecurity company S2 Grupo and Euskaltel have signed a strategic alliance through which the leading telecommunications operator in northern Spain will expand the cybersecurity services it offers to its corporate clients. For its part, S2 Grupo, a leading company in its sector at European level, will become the main supplier for Euskaltel's cybersecurity projects and services.

In this sense, S2 Grupo's activity is focused on three main lines: auditing and consulting projects (to evaluate the cybersecurity of customers and design specific protection systems for their businesses), development of proprietary products (aimed at increasing protection, detection and response capabilities in cybersecurity), and provision of ongoing cybersecurity management services and operation of mission-critical systems from specific 24x7 centers designed for this purpose.

The agreement between the two companies brings together the experience and skills of each company in their respective sectors, which will allow Euskaltel, and the companies that make up the MASMOVIL Group, to increase their catalog of products and services for their client companies. For its part, S2 Grupo will reinforce its commitment to its presence in the Northern Zone, where it opened its first branch office in 2021, specifically in Donostia.

"This alliance with Euskaltel/Grupo MASMOVIL is of enormous value because it will allow us to add our pioneering cybersecurity solutions to their Internet and telephony services. We live in a context in which telecommunications cannot be conceived separately from cybersecurity, and this is a big step in that direction. In this way, future customers will experience a qualitative leap in the cyber protection of their organizations or homes", said Íñigo Bueno, S2 Grupo's delegate in the Basque Country.

"S2 Grupo's purpose is the anticipation of a cyber-secure world through our services of protection, detection and response to cyber threats and cyber incidents. We need to anticipate the action of cybercrime and this union with Grupo Euskaltel is a great step on this path as it will bring cybersecurity to all its customers", said Rafael Rosell, the company's Global Commercial Director.

José Manuel García, Head of Cloud Product and Cybersecurity at Euskaltel and MASMOVIL Group, stated that "although our current range of services greatly facilitates companies' digitalization projects, we are aware that this path implies an increase in potential threats. Cyber-attacks affect all types of companies, although SMEs are the most vulnerable because they tend to be more unprotected and, therefore, their data and applications are more exposed to threats and theft. Most companies cannot afford large investments, but it is essential to have a cybersecurity strategy that addresses all of the organization's processes. S2 Grupo's extensive experience will allow us to analyze each case, and design and offer customized plans to meet those needs. We can openly say that cybersecurity is not a luxury, but a necessity that will prevent greater evils".


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