More than 57% of video game console users are unaware that these can be hacked

16 Apr 2018
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  • In addition, according to a survey conducted by the company S2 Grupo from their blog, more than 73% do not know that video consoles need to be updated and 85% do not know how to improve their security in the use of these devices.
  • The team of experts of S2 Grupo has elaborated a "Decalogue of cybersecurity for videogames". Updating both the software and the firmware, using strong passwords and modifying the pre-configured security, are some keys to increase the cyber protection in the use of video consoles.
  • Los principales ciberriesgos en este ámbito son: robo de credenciales, de información personal, acceso a tarjetas de crédito memorizadas para el pago online y usurpación en su intimidad, entre otros. The main cyber risks in this area are: theft of credentials and personal information, access to memorized credit cards for online payment and usurpation in their privacy, among others.

Valencia, April 2, 2018.- With the arrival of Holy Week, as it is usual in any other holiday season, leisure time increases and the use of video game consoles and other online gaming devices increases. The company S2 Grupo has warned that it is essential to use them in a secure way, because they can also become a gateway to cyber attackers who could have access to both personal data, pre-configured credit cards for payment as well as incursions into privacy of people through a webcam, for example. According to a study conducted by this company specialized in cybersecurity through its blog, 57.8% of video game console users do not know that these can be hacked just like a computer. "The main danger in these environments is unaware that there is a risk because that prevents users from protecting themselves. Any technological device that connects to the Internet can become an open window for cybercriminals and it is essential to know how to close them to enjoy the game, for example, and not become their victims", said José Rosell, managing-partner of S2 Grupo. The survey also shows that 85.3% of users of video consoles are unaware that it is possible to improve the security that comes by default preconfigured in these devices and only 14.7% say they have implemented some mechanism to improve it. On the other hand, S2 Grupo has pointed out that 73.1% say they do not know that the configuration of their video-console must be updated and that 14.4% admit to updating only the software, while only 12.6% updates both the software and the firmware. In addition, 25.5% use the same passwords for online games as for other services. "The security configuration that appears as standard in a video game console, a router or any connected technology, is not at all secure. Just as we have access to them when acquiring the device, the cybercriminals can have access as well. It is essential to have this clear before using it, so as to make the necessary configuration changes that allow us to enjoy connected games without danger ", said Miguel A. Juan, managing-partner of S2 Grupo. Parental control in the use of games connected to the Internet Another relevant fact is that 42.7% of parents acknowledge that they do not control their children's use of the video game console. And among those who do, 38.5% of their way is limiting their playing time while 34.6% say they incorporate other measures such as preventing them from making online purchases. Along with this, with regard to the control of cybersecurity of devices, 66% of parents claim to be the ones who take the responsibility to change passwords frequently and personally manage the configuration, while 34% say they relegate this task to your children. DECALOGUE OF CYBERSECURITY IN VIDEO GAMES The team of experts of S2 Grupo have pointed out that some keys to use video consoles safely and avoid being victims of cybercriminals are: adjusting the privacy settings of the devices, periodically updating their configuration (both software and firmware), using strong passwords and changing them regularly. In addition, the company developed the following decalogue of cybersecurity in video games:

  1. Having a protected computer does not guarantee that the player's data are safe.
  1. Do not reuse passwords used in online games, because if the password is compromised, the attacker will have access to other services.
  1. Deactivate the restrictions imposed by the manufacturer of a video game, console or other device, also eliminate its measures of protection.
  1. It is necessary to protect each device from which you have access to online games.
  1. We must beware of all notifications received where we are urged to enter our username and password.
  2. Games downloaded from unofficial sites are a danger to the security of the player. It is better to download them from official sources.
  1. To guarantee the transparency and security of the player, it is only recommended to place bets on operators with the " safe game" stamp".
  1. It is highly recommended to have a good antivirus installed, both on computers and in mobile devices.
  2. It is advisable not to enter the credit card number if it is not strictly necessary.
  1. Security awareness is very important: all users are possible victims of attacks.

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