S2 Grupo creates the first Artificial Intelligence that will turn a normal home into a “Smart Home” that will take care of its inhabitants

16 Oct 2019
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  • Under the name of Soffie this platform represents a revolution in the field of the Internet of Things and will allow all the sensors of a home (smart speakers, TV, lights, etc.) to be connected, so as to be in the care of the people who inhabit it , pets, etc.
  • Through a discreet and non-invasive operation, it learns and recognizes the behavior patterns of families to adapt to their needs and warn in real time if any anomaly occurs (gas or water leaks, or lights not turned on which could mean that a person is indisposed, for example)
  • This is the first product that the team of experts from S2 Grupo has developed for its application outside the professional field. It is the company's commitment to cybersecurity at home.
  • Every year, S2 Grupo allocates around 10% of its turnover to R&D+i projects

  Valencia, October 16, 2019.- The Valencian company S2 Grupo, specialized in cybersecurity and critical systems management, has revolutionized the sector of smart “connected” devices with the presentation of Soffie. S2 Grupo is the only 100% Spanish company in the field of cybersecurity that uses 100% proprietary technology, therefore national, and this is the first product that its team develops for the application in the domestic environment. This is the first Artificial Intelligence that will develop what until now was the “home of the future” and that will turn what we understand by a normal home into a “Smart Home” that will take care of its inhabitants. Thus, technology ceases to be a passive element and will become a member more of the family unit while being active, contributing to its protection and care. “Soffie is a cloud system that connects all the devices in a house and puts them at our service. It is a smart home that learns every day, discreetly, and adapts to us. Thanks to Soffie, our house recognizes us and offers us what we need. In addition to protecting ourselves and addressing any anomaly, warning in real time of what is happening at home, it will take care of routine tasks even when we are not there, ”explained José Rosell, managing-partner of S2 Grupo. “Soffie is S2 Grupo's commitment to cybersecurity at home. And it means family security in the digital society”, continued Rosell. The system can be fully customized to suit the real needs of families and is compatible with the best known IoT (Internet of Things) devices on the market such as loudspeakers, light bulbs, alarms, plugs or intelligent weather stations, among others. “One of the great benefits that Soffie will bring us is in the care of dependent people. We are all concerned about the safety of our elders, for example, but we may not have as much time as we would like to be able to care for them continuously. Well if we install Soffie, it will inform us of any changes in their routine to confirm that everything is fine or alert us if there is a concern. We find a solution that will provide confidence without undermining their autonomy and at the same time will give their families peace of mind”, said Miguel Ángel Juan, managing-partner of S2 Grupo. This Artificial Intelligence launched by the S2 Grupo team will monitor the security of the home and its inhabitants in its broadest conception: from the digital security of the home to the security of its members. In this way, it will solve one of the great problems that has arisen today, i.e., that there are increasingly more devices at home, we are more connected and, yet, we are not able to control the security of our networks. How the Soffie platform works Soffie technology will be offered through four different plans according to what the user needs:

  1. Cybersecurity in the home (cyberprotecting the security of household data, communications and devices)
  2. Care for dependent people (alert in case of anomaly in their daily routine, check of activities and vital signs, emission of vibration or alarm to wake up or notify sick people if they need to take a medication, etc.)
  3. Child care (registration of people at home, registration of departure and arrival times, video surveillance, etc.)
  4. Pet care (noise detection, habitual presence in the rooms, video surveillance, warning in case of anomaly, etc.)

This software alerts of who is in the house; of domestic incidents such as water leaks, gas leaks or open doors; In the case of pets, it is possible to check if they eat, if they drink water, play or behave well when no one is at home. Soffie adapts to any home and its handling is very simple, it is only necessary to: - Acquire a VPN router - Register online - Define the dwelling - Configure the devices   From the app you have access to real-time housing information and you can check if there are alerts. In this way, for its activation you only need to add on the platform all the devices that use Wi-Fi and, from that moment on, they will be put at the service of the family. All the information that is recorded serves so that the house knows us better, adapts and anticipates our needs. “What until now seemed like science fiction is now a reality. Soffie through the use of all sensors will allow us to be in continuous contact with our home or that of a relative and will notify us if something abnormal happens”, said José Rosell, managing-partner of S2 Grupo. “Until now, people worked to support their families. However, with this technology we see how, thanks to the high number of sensors that we have in our homes that allow us to discover that everything can be measured, and the algorithms act on the hardware to anticipate the needs of the inhabitants. The conclusion is that our house begins to make our lives easier”, said Miguel A. Juan, managing-partner of S2 Grupo. Every year, S2 Grupo allocates 10% of its turnover to new R&D+i projects that promote cybersecurity in the different social areas where technology is installed.   More information: