S2 Grupo joins Blu5 Group to introduce disruptive cybersecurity technologies in Spain

The objective of this partnership is to potentially increase the cybersecurity of S2 Grupo clients with unique technologies in the market to date.
07 Jul 2021
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  • Singapore-based Blu5 Group is an international leader in Endpoint cybersecurity developments and disruptive solutions.

Valencia July 7, 2021.- The Valencian cybersecurity company S2 Grupo has joined forces with Blu5 Group to introduce disruptive technologies in the field of cybersecurity in Spain.

It is a strategic partnership since Blu5 Group is a leading international provider of Endpoint and disruptive solutions, which combines Zero Trust strategies and the Assumed Breach Model to improve controls at the source, reduce the attack surface and, ultimately, improve cyber resilience in organizations. In addition, it enables enhanced asset rationalization to improve operations and increase user participation for greater productivity. Currently, the headquarters and main market of Blu5 Group is in Singapore.

The agreement between the two companies brings together the experience and skills both in strategy and technology as well as implementation in different sectors. In addition, it generates a change in the traditional security paradigm to help clients maintain the continuity of their operations. Through the Zero Trust approach, organizations are able to understand and manage risk, reducing unnecessary layers of security, while improving their security posture by increasing effectiveness.

We are very pleased with this union with Blu5 Group because it represents a great added value for our clients, as well as the introduction of a disruptive and differentiating technology in the market. By using this technology it is possible to secure communications in a much more efficient and robust way. Therefore, it will allow us to provide our clients with a qualitative leap in cyber protection of their organizations”, said José Rosell, managing partner of S2 Grupo.

Blu5 Group enters the Spanish market together with S2 Grupo and this represents an enormously valuable union for the cybersecurity field. This company is a great expert in the development of cutting-edge technologies at an international level and S2 Grupo is a benchmark in the field of cybersecurity. We need to advance a cyber-secure world to stay ahead of cybercrime and this union is a great step on this direction", explained Miguel A. Juan, managing partner of S2 Grupo.

"The deep knowledge of S2 Grupo in complex requirements, its recognized experience in cybersecurity and its solid international presence will allow us to generate a much greater commercial impact on our clients and put them on the right path to achieve a resilient business", points out Antonio Varriale, founder and CTO of Blu5 Group.


New products

Some of the new Blu5 products that S2 Grupo will be offering include:

  1. SEdesk (SecureUnifiedWorkspace): A unified and secure workspace that reduces attack surface and improves productivity.
  2. SElink (SecureVirtual Networking): evolution of VPN technologies, to overcome bandwidth limitations and connectivity challenges, as well as the security vulnerabilities of the standard SSL/TLS protocol.
  3. SEcube (Reconfigurable Silicon): is a powerful chip that integrates three key security elements in a single package. It allows to manage processes and safeguard the cryptographic algorithm and the keys used to protect transactions, applications and confidential data.


Blu5 Group has more than 20 years of experience in the field of cybersecurity in which it has worked with Governments of several countries and with critical infrastructures. In addition, his work has been recognized in Singapore with various awards such as the Emerging Enterprise Finalist 2014 awarded by SGSME, SME 100 Awards 2017 awarded by SME Magazine, Singapore 1000 and SME 1000, and by Experian Design in Singapore Award 2019, by Singapore Business Review.



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