S2 Grupo opens headquarters in the Basque Country

The S2 Grupo headquarters will operate in coordination with the company's different operating SOCs around the world located in Valencia, Madrid, Bogotá and Mexico City, and will be characterized by strong specialization in the field of industrial cybersecurity.
19 May 2021
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  • The S2 Grupo delegation is located in San Sebastián and is already part of the main innovation and cybersecurity entities such as Cybasque or GAIA, among others. It is expected to have a team of 50 people in the next 3 years.
  • In 2021 the first edition of Enigma Euskadi will be launched, which is S2 Grupo's cybersecurity and cyber-intelligence school to promote university talent and employability in this sector.


Valencia May 19, 2021.- The Valencian company S2 Grupo, specialized in cybersecurity and critical systems management, has opted to strengthen its presence in the Basque Country by opening its first headquarters in the area. This is located in San Sebastián and the objective is to promote talent, employment and R&D.

The opening ceremony, which was held virtually, was attended by the managing partners of S2 Grupo, José Rosell and Miguel Ángel Juan; the commercial director, Rafael Rosell; the territorial director of the northern area, Íñigo Bueno; the former minister and president of the Advisory Board of S2 Grupo, Cristina Garmendia; and representatives of the Basque Government such as Cristina Uriarte, Commissioner for Science, Technology and Innovation, and Estibaliz Hernáez, Deputy Minister of Technology, Innovation and Digital Transformation.

 “The presence of S2 Grupo in the Basque Country is a commitment to generating talent in cybersecurity and creating wealth in this region. Furthermore, if we take into account that the Basque Country is a great industrial potential and S2 Grupo is a benchmark in industrial cybersecurity, the presence in the area is key to moving forward together”, declared José Rosell, managing partner of S2 Grupo.

 “An enormous digital transformation of the industry is underway that will accelerate in the coming months and cybersecurity will be essential to move forward without compromising the future operation of all of them. In fact, it is essential to bear in mind that without cybersecurity, there is no digital transformation”, stated Miguel A. juan, managing partner of S2 Grupo.

This new branch office is part of the company's global commercial strategy.

The opening of this S2 Grupo headquarters has meant an initial investment of € 250,000 and the forecast is to form a team of more than 50 people in the next three years in relation to projects in the field of industrial cybersecurity. With this we already have operational headquarters in Valencia, Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Euskadi and we will open in Seville shortly”, continued Miguel A. Juan.

The new delegation of the cybersecurity company will be led by Íñigo Bueno, a professional with more than 20 years of experience in cybersecurity who has developed his professional career in the Basque Country and, therefore, provides exhaustive knowledge of the industrial and technological fabric of the region.

"We have a strong commitment to cybersecurity, innovation, responsible and sustainable growth, job creation and wealth, and we are already registered in the BCSC's White Paper on cybersecurity companies in the Basque Country," explained Íñigo Bueno.

The S2 Grupo headquarters will operate in coordination with the company’s different operating SOCs (Security Operation Centers) around the world, located in Valencia, Madrid, Bogotá and Mexico City, and will be characterized by a strong specialization in the field of industrial cybersecurity.


S2 Grupo: commitment to talent and innovation in the Basque Country

In addition to opening this branch office and expanding its market in this area, S2 Grupo's objective with this initiative is to promote talent and innovation in cybersecurity through agreements and collaborations with leading entities.

In this sense, agreements have already been signed with cybersecurity training centers such as the University of Mondragón or Zubiri Manteo, for example.

In addition, S2 Grupo has joined GAIA and CYbasque, as part of the strategy to bring wealth to the area and base part of its operations in the area, helping companies to face the digital transformation process in a cybersecure way.



First edition of ENIGMA Euskadi

Along with these initiatives, S2 Grupo will launch the first edition of ENIGMA Euskadi this year, through which more than 5 scholarships will be awarded for the development of talent in cybersecurity. This will mean a gradual increase in professionals with more training in cybersecurity in the Basque Country.

Enigma is the first cybersecurity and cyber-intelligence school in Spain whose purpose is to incorporate university talent into the company and also promote employability in this sector.

This school of cybersecurity experts, which is a pioneer in the sector, was born in Valencia in 2015 as a result of the need for hyper-specialization in this professional field for the cyber-protection of any type of environment, whether public, private, business, industrial or family, for example. Its objective is to attract young talent at universities and have them join their staff once they are trained.

Students or recent graduates in Computer and Industrial Engineering, Telecommunications, Biomedicine, Mathematics and Physics who are interested in the area of ​​cybersecurity can apply to this project.

It lasts 12 months (6 months of theoretical training and 6 months of practical training). From the moment they join the program, the youth receive a scholarship, they incorporate the Know How of S2 Grupo into their learning process and receive personalized advice according to their interests, strengths and areas for improvement. They will receive face-to-face classes taught by the S2 Grupo team of experts and will have a training room and laboratory with all the necessary material for them to study, do the tasks assigned by the teachers and nurture their creativity with group activities proposed to them. Along with this, they have the help of the teachers and a tutor who follows-up on each one of them.

Students acquire knowledge in cybersecurity from the areas of governance, risk and compliance, to the defense and attack capabilities of IT and industrial systems. Along with their training, they carry out a research project that they present at the end of the training and that, usually, becomes their Final Degree Thesis.

At the end of the training year, the selected students are offered a full-time permanent contract and a series of social benefits, enjoyed by all S2 Grupo employees.



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