S2 Grupo incorporates Pepe Calderón as new Account Manager to reinforce sales in Madrid

Pepe Calderón is a Senior Technician in Computer Systems Administration and has extensive experience in the field of business and cybersecurity project management.
20 Jul 2021
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  • The objective of S2 Grupo with the entry of Pepe Calderón is to continue its expansion plan in central Spain, thus supporting the growth of business volume in the area.
  • One of the pillars of the cybersecurity company’s growth is its commitment to talent and the generation of stable jobs. In this way, its workforce grew in the last year to form a team of 414 people.

Valencia July 20, 2021.- S2 Grupo, a company specialized in cybersecurity and critical systems management, has employed Pepe Calderón as Account Manager in order to strengthen sales and continue the company’s expansion in Madrid.

Pepe Calderón is a Senior Technician in Computer Systems Administration. He studied in the US and, during his first professional years, focused on the area of administration and management of IT environments of large accounts such as the Ministry of the Environment or Microsoft.

Although in his early professional career he had the opportunity to work in all the technical phases such as design, implementation or pre-sales, for more than 12 years he has been dedicated to customer management from the business area. He has a very strong technical profile that allows him to help clients define exactly the needs they must cover in each project.

S2 Grupo has highlighted that Pepe Calderón's extensive experience in the sale of advanced cybersecurity services for large companies will be of great help in reinforcing S2 Grupo's sales team in Madrid. The company's goal is to continue with its expansion project in central Spain.


S2 Grupo has established itself as a pole of attraction for professionals with extensive experience in cybersecurity. Its deeply rooted values ​​are based on four major commitments: to people, to business ethics, to society and the environment, and to innovation and technological advancement. These values ​​have provided them with numerous awards and recognitions throughout their trajectory.

The cybersecurity company closed 2020 with a turnover of 19.5 million euros, which represented a growth of more than 12% compared with the previous year, and a workforce of 414 employees, distributed among its headquarters in Valencia, Madrid, Barcelona, Brussels, Bogotá and Mexico City.



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