S2 Grupo warns that ´sexnology´ is one of the new targets for cybercriminals

The cybersecurity company has highlighted that the information recorded by sex toys connected to the Internet leaves its users highly vulnerable and this is taken advantage of by cybercriminals.
13 May 2021
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  • S2 Grupo experts have pointed out that privacy problems such as accessing very personal images or intimate schedules and habits are used to extort money from victims.
  • To use sexnology securely, it is recommended to follow the same precautions as with any other device connected to the network (strong passwords, regular updating, etc.).


Valencia May 13, 2021.- On the occasion of the celebration next Monday, May 13th, of World Internet Day, the Valencian company S2 Grupo, specialized in cybersecurity and management of critical systems, has reported that in the last year the sector of the so-called “sexnology” (sex + technology), sex toys connected to the Internet, has experienced a significant increase that has been accompanied by an increase in their cyber risks and has become one of the new targets of cybercriminals.

Like all technology, this has also become a new target for criminals on the Internet. It is very important to use it in a cyber-safe way because if it is not managed properly, the consequences can be very serious. In this case, they handle very sensitive, very intimate information, which can have a great impact on the victim's personal or professional life”, declared José Rosell, managing partner of S2 Grupo.

We have already known several cases of cyberattacks against this type of toy. One of the best known was the hacking of a chastity belt-type connected device in which the attacker blocked the opening system and demanded a ransom from the victims in the form of bitcoins. Any device that connects to the Internet carries a risk, but in the case of sexnology the risk is extreme”, explained Miguel A. Juan, managing partner of S2 Grupo.


Main cyber dangers of sexnology

The S2 Grupo team of experts has pointed out that some of the main cyber dangers of sexnological toys are:

  1. Their manufacturers do not take into account the computer security of the device in their creation process. It is common for them to be mass-produced in China without observing security or privacy regulations to protect the device and the information it stores.
  2. They provide highly sensitive information to cybercriminals such as sexual habits, places, schedules, images, conversations or even if infidelity is detected, for example.
  3. Users see it as a harmless toy, which means that they do not take the same cybersecurity precautions as they do with a computer. Common mistakes are using soft passwords or not updating the system.

Cybercriminals know that it is one more way to profit and they are using it. For this reason, they will try to make the most of any type of vulnerability in the device, in the person's account, in the servers or in the application that manages it”, stated Miguel A. Juan.

"Gaining access to the type of information recorded by sexnology makes them move on to blackmail quickly because they know that many victims would rather pay than be publicly exposed," emphasized José Rosell.


Recommendations for the safe use of sexnology

S2 Grupo recommends following the basic cybersecurity tips that are used in any connected device: use unique and strong passwords, protect access to the home Wi-Fi network with a good password and confirm that no one else is using it, never use these devices with public Wi-Fi networks, be informed of the seriousness of the manufacturer and its commitment to cyber-secure manufacturing of its products, regularly update the device and, of course, use common sense and do not share anything that could cause harm if it were publicly exposed.


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