S2 Grupo will advise the European Cybersecurity Agency to protect the European health system from cyber attacks

09 Sep 2019
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  • The Valencian cybersecurity company has signed an agreement with ENISA (European Union Agency for Cybersecurity) for the next two years with the aim of preparing a report with recommendations and good practices on cybersecurity in the healthcare environments of this continent.
  • S2 Grupo has become a benchmark in the field of cybersecurity in general and in particular in cybersecurity of industrial control systems and medical systems.
  • Along with this, the company has been chosen to conduct a cybersecurity audit at the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg.

Valencia, September 9, 2019.- The Valencian company S2 Grupo, specialized in cybersecurity and management of critical systems, has signed a collaboration agreement with the European Network and Information Security Agency (ENISA) with the aim of protecting the European health system against cyber-attacks. Through this agreement, which will run until 2021, S2 Grupo will develop a project that contemplates an analysis of the current situation in relation to the regulations, standards and good practices applicable in the health sector, interviews with international experts to investigate all aspects relating to cybersecurity that are currently taken into account by health organizations for the acquisition of health technology or services as well as their degree of implementation. In addition, a report on the state of cybersecurity of European health will be prepared in the coming months and a guide to good cybersecurity practices to be followed by organizations in the sector will be proposed. Founded in 2004, ENISA is a center of expertise for cybersecurity in Europe. Located in Greece, it helps the EU and its member countries to be better equipped and prepared to prevent, detect and respond to information security problems. ”The award of this contract is of great relevance because it involves the consolidation of our company as one of the benchmarks in the field of cybersecurity in the health sector at European level. S2 Grupo will be responsible for laying the foundations for protection against cyber-attacks in European health”, said Miguel A. Juan, managing partner of S2 Grupo. ”For years we have been warning of the importance of paying special attention to cybersecurity in the field of health. This meant that in 2018 S2 Grupo created a specific unit led by experts in the health sector and in cyber-protection of networks and information systems because it is an area with special needs both for the type of information it needs to protect and for the high level of criticality and uniqueness of its services and infrastructure”, commented José Rosell, managing-partner of S2 Grupo. Since 2018, the company has carried out relevant cybersecurity projects in public and private health, both nationally and internationally, auditing, managed security, awareness, secure development and consulting, among others. One of the most recent awards has been the signing of a contract with an American insurance company to conduct a compliance audit of the NIST Cybersecurity Framework, a cybersecurity policy framework for US private sector organizations to evaluate and improve their ability to prevent, detect and respond to cyberattacks.   S2 Grupo will cyberprotect the Court of Strasbourg Together with the agreement signed with ENISA, S2 Grupo has been chosen to conduct an audit on the cybersecurity status of the information systems of the European Court of Human Rights, one of the most important institutions in Europe. These two facts have led to the definitive consolidation of the company as one of the leading references in the field of European cybersecurity. In 2017, as part of its expansion and internationalization plan, S2 Grupo opened a headquarters in Brussels, as it is also a founding member of the European Cyber Security Organization (ECSO) and, therefore, one of the companies leading the European cybersecurity R&D+i strategy.   More information: