The 7 digital "sins" of Christmas

The cybersecurity company S2 Grupo has highlighted that these dates are especially used by cybercriminals and, therefore, it is key to reinforce our measures for the safe use of technology.
23 Dec 2021
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Valencia, December 23, 2021.- The Valencian cybersecurity company S2 Grupo has warned that with the arrival of Christmas, it is essential to increase precautions with the use of technology to avoid falling into the networks of cybercriminals who take advantage of the increased digital interaction through greetings, shopping, etc., to act for criminal purposes.

In this regard, the team of experts from S2 Grupo has pointed out that during this holiday season there are "7 digital sins".

The first is not having the antivirus updated. It is very common to send funny greetings cards in which our face appears as an elf, for example. These often carry links, in which if we click we can download malware directly.

The second are hoaxes. These are fake news to generate misinformation. An example is a message warning that if you do not forward it, the application you are using may become a paid one.

The third is to give a used cell phone as a gift without securely erasing the data. One of the most common gifts at Christmas is a smartphone. This means that the old phone is either given away or sold to someone else. In this case, it is essential to securely delete the information because otherwise the new user could have access to photographs and other personal data.

Fourthly, there is the issue of not restricting Premium SMS. At this time of year, we may see television programs in which we are urged to vote to participate in contests by sending an SMS. In so doing, we may sign up for premium messaging services that have high costs and of which the user may not be aware. To avoid this, the recommendation is to restrict this type of service with our telephone operator.

The fifth digital sin pointed out by S2 Grupo is to use unencrypted pen drives because in case of loss anyone could access the information they contain.

Sixthly, we find ourselves with not having installed a location software for the Smartphone. This is important to be able to locate it if it is lost.

Lastly, it is key not to fall into the trap of excessive discounts. This is another way in which we can end up being victims of cybercrime. At this time of year, especially, we must buy from trusted sites and avoid falling into the temptation of the "cyber bargain".


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