Students of the Enigma school of S2 Grupo create digital PPE to cyber protect the health sector

07 May 2020
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  • The #EsteVirusloParamosUnidos (WeShallStopThisVirusTogether) initiative has been launched by students of Enigma 6.0, the training program in cybersecurity of the S2 Grupo, to thank the tireless work of all health personnel working to strengthen their cybersecurity.
  • Its objective is to give advice to prevent them from falling into the networks of cybercriminals, since it has been detected that since the beginning of the confinement there has been the largest wave in the history of phishing-type cyberattacks.
  • This action is part of #Evoluciona2, the S2 Grupo's CSR program that brings together the values that unite all the people in the company and their desire to develop the business, taking into account how to add value to society as a whole.

Valencia, May 7, 2020.- The Valencian cybersecurity company, S2 Grupo, has launched the “Digital PPE” campaign to raise awareness in the health sector and help keep them protected from the action of cybercriminals. Specifically, this initiative has been launched by students of Enigma 6.0, the company's cybersecurity training program. “The healthcare sector is currently one of the most threatened, not only by the Covid-19 crisis, but also by cybercriminals. During this health crisis, the cyberattacks on the most critical infrastructures, such as hospitals, have increased and have not stopped growing and, although we continually work to protect these environments, the students of Enigma 6.0 have wanted to share some advice, digital PPE, which they have created so that health personnel only have to focus on the most important thing, which is health”, explained José Rosell, managing partner of S2 Grupo. “It is essential that all personnel in this area increase, even more, the security measures with which they use any technology connected to the network. It does not matter whether it is an email, a message or any application that they use in their work, because a connected device can be a gateway to the cybercriminal if it is not used appropriately", informed Miguel Ángel Juan, managing-partner-director of S2 Grupo. Experts from the company have pointed out that we are currently experiencing the largest wave of phishing scams, for example, and falling victim to them can put our health sector in a very delicate position. For this reason, Enigma 6.0 students have decided to help all staff in this field in general by providing some key advice they can take at work to be more protected. These are tips that, in medical terminology, we could call digital PPEs. The #EsteVirusloParamosUnidos campaign and recommendations can be found through the following video:  These consist of:

  1. Avoid opening spam mail
  2. Be very careful about links referring to information about Covid-19
  3. Verify the origin of any email received
  4. Be very careful with emails written in languages not common in our day to day, including misspellings or messages that seem strange to us
  5. Only put your data on official websites
  6. Do not click on any link contained in an email. It is advisable to write it directly in the browser

About Enigma It is a school of cybersecurity experts created by the S2 Grupo and is a pioneer in the sector. It was born in Valencia in 2014 as a result of the need for hyper-specialization in this professional field for cyber protection of any type of environment, whether public or private, business, industrial or family, for example. Its objective is to attract young talent in universities and to incorporate them into its staff once they have been trained. In fact, since its launch, more than 45 young talents have joined the S2 Grupo. This initiative has received the First Prize for the Promotion of Youth Employment awarded by the Mahou San Miguel Foundation and the Excellence in Sustainability Club. S2 Grupo, which has become one of the leading companies in the cybersecurity sector in Spain and Europe, received this award, among other reasons, for its constant commitment to creating jobs and maintaining stable recruitment. S2 Grupo: #Evoluciona2, improve the world through 7 axes S2 Grupo has been working for years to become one of the best companies to work for. In this sense, #Evoluciona2, its Corporate Social Responsibility program, brings together its values ​​and describes the company's strategy to develop the business without losing sight of its responsibility to the people who work in the company, in particular, their families, women and its important role in this particular area as well as the technical field, the environment and society as a whole. Although all these actions are part of and have been developing since the creation of the S2 Group in 1999, #Evoluciona2 means progress and union under a single umbrella of more than 150 good practice initiatives launched by the company to contribute its grain of sand to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) with the conviction of contributing to a better, fairer and cyber-secure world. These actions have been structured around seven axes that are aligned with the objectives of sustainable development and which are:

  1. The S2 Grupo team.
  2. Our families.
  3. Young people, the future.
  4. Health, well-being.
  5. The world.

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