The Fallas of 2019 focus on cybersecurity at home

15 Mar 2019
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  • The Valencian company S2 Grupo and the Falla Chiva Francisco de Llano have collaborated, for the second year in a row, to create an innovative children's sculpture focused on this theme, which will allow access to tips so as to avoid being victims of cybercriminals.
  • The falla created by Salva Dolz one more year will stand out for its capacity for innovation and will allow access to these tips interactively, through the use of a google home system integrated into the falla, digital content that will transfer messages to children and Adults
  • The aim of this initiative is to combat cybercrime through raising awareness among families, since training in this field and the development of safe practices by people is one of the essential factors to avoid it.

Valencia, March 13, 2019.- For the second consecutive year, fallas and cybersecurity have joined hands in the innovative project launched by the Valencian company S2 Grupo and the Falla Chiva-Francisco de Llano. The goal of this initiative is to combat cybercrime by raising awareness among children and parents and this year its focus will be on cybersecurity at home. The child falla of this commission, created by the fallero artist Salva Dolz, has developed around this theme with the aim of making families aware of the importance of using technologies in a safe way to avoid being a victim of cybercriminals, one of the biggest problems currently affecting both children and adults, SMEs, large companies or public institutions. Experts from S2 Grupo have stressed that technology, no doubt, is increasingly present in homes. Smart loudspeakers, smart televisions, computers, tablets, smartphones, video consoles, home automation technology, etc. are more than common and it is necessary for families to know the risks involved and how to use these devices in a cybersecure way to protect their privacy and heritage. In addition, children are one of the groups most exposed to cybercriminals because of the enormous use they make of technology and ignorance of the dangers involved. "The sculpture created this year to convey the message, consists of a family of superheroes who protect us all who are still in diapers in the digital world. And this includes both children and adults", explained the fallero artist. The falla created by Salva Dolz once again year will stand out for its capacity for innovation.  It will allow interactive access to digital content that will transfer messages to children and adults, through the use of a google home system integrated into the falla, so that they know the cyberthreats to which they can be exposed in the framework of their homes and learn how to protect themselves so that they reduce their exposure to cyber risks. In addition, from March 15 to 19 different activities for children and adults focused on home cybersecurity have been organized in which they will learn, among other things, how to configure the technological devices of the home (routers, video consoles, smart tv, etc.) so to make them safer. S2 Grupo invites everyone to visit this sculpture and, as a gift, you can take valuable cybersecurity tips to make your homes safer. Second edition of Offering 4.0: participation open until March 15 Another initiative linked to the union of cybersecurity and Fallas that had the most success last year was the celebration of the first Offering 4.0, which in 2019 will celebrate its second edition. S2 Grupo has launched the website through which anyone who wants to participate in the Offering by leaving a message will be able to do so. The deadline is open until Friday, March 15 and, subsequently, all messages will be collected in a book that will be delivered to the Virgin on Sunday, March 17, when the Falla Chiva commission - Francisco de Llano parades in the Offering. In 2018, more than 200 people from various continents participated in this initiative by leaving their messages. Some examples are: (From Valencia): Mare de Deu if this disease does not let me see you this year, give me the strength to overcome it and see you next year. Always protect us. I will always have faith in you. (From Poland): It's hard to be far from Valencia at this time and more for a fallera! In Poland I will set my little falla on the day of the inauguration and I will burn it on the 19th! But no matter how far away I am, the Manises Falla always accompanies me! Visca Valencia and Visca les Falles!  (From Dubai): It is not easy to be far from the land that we love, at this time of year it gets worse ... Thanks to the Chiva-Francisco de Llano falla for bringing us a little closer  to the illusion of being with my family, my memories and my fallera essence. Thank you! More information: