The Valencian company S2 Grupo, awarded as a case of good university-business practice at the REDFUE 2018 Awards

07 Jan 2019
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S2 Grupo maintains a close collaboration with the University of Valencia through its internship program in companies and as a patron of its Chair of Business Culture Valencia, November 22, 2018.- The Valencian company S2 Grupo, specialized in cybersecurity, has been awarded in the Company category of the University-Business Awards of the University-Business Foundations Network (REDFUE) 2018. S2 Grupo has been collaborating with the University of Valencia for more than ten years through its internship program and as the patron of its Chair of Business Culture, both programs managed from its University-Business Foundation, ADEIT. In addition, in the field of training and employment, S2 Grupo collaborates with the University of Valencia with the Enigma program, through which they capture talent from universities by selecting students in their final years of studies or recent graduates in Computer Engineering, Telecommunications and Industrial Engineering. The selected student body receives classes taught by the S2 Grupo staff and includes a 12-month internship program in the group. Upon completion, an indefinite full-time contract is offered. S2 Grupo in the Chair of Business Culture and in the Internship Program in Companies S2 Grupo is part of the board of trustees of the Chair of Business Culture of the University of Valencia in which they actively participate through the Mentoring program. In it, the managing partner of S2 Grupo, José Rosell, acts as a mentor to the entrepreneurs of the University of Valencia who have started up their company or have their business project in mind. In Rosell’s words,  participation in the Chair of Business Culture is of great value because it means being in contact with the new generation of entrepreneurs and it is a very enriching knowledge exchange between the university and the business world. "In addition, the collaboration with the University of Valencia's internship program in companies allows us to welcome students in internships and this benefits both the recent graduates, because they have an opportunity to get started in the labor market and also the company. Working with young people benefits the innovation and creativity of the team, which provides a competitive advantage", said José Rosell. They receive this award from S2 Grupo with great enthusiasm. "This national award is a recognition of our commitment to boost young talent in the field of cybersecurity and we are very grateful. Undoubtedly, it is essential that the business world and the university come together to adequately train young people and complete their professional profiles in order to lead and give an adequate response to the real market demand ", explained Miguel. A. Juan, managing-partner of S2 Grupo. S2 Grupo has welcomed more than 80 interns from the University of Valencia since the academic year 2007/2008, giving them the opportunity to participate in the three functional areas of their activity: network defense capabilities; offensive capabilities; and in digital transformation. REDFUE University-Business Awards The REDFUE University-Business Awards, which this year, in addition to S2 Grupo, have awarded the University of Almeria in the University category, are national awards that are given annually and aim to enhance and value the work of companies and cases of good university practices in the field of university-business cooperation. The University-Business Foundation Network is a non-profit organization that has been working since 1997 with its associates, including ADEIT, to promote relations between the university and business worlds. REDFUE is linked, through its members, to more than 45 Spanish universities and a thousand organizations, including companies, chambers of commerce, business associations or national, regional and local administrations. More information: