Tomorrow the II Cybersecurity Falla will be presented

16 Mar 2019
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  • S2 Grupo and La Falla Chiva Francisco de Llano will present the children's sculpture of this commission that in 2019 focuses on cybersecurity in the home
  • More than 10 cybersecurity managers from some of the leading companies nationwide will participate in this event that will focus on the importance of the link between cybersecurity and Fallas
  • In the afternoon, members of the CSIRT-CV will offer a practical day for parents and children to learn how to use the technological devices that we have at home connected to the Internet in a safe way and avoid falling into the traps of cybercriminals

Valencia, March 15, 2019.- The Valencian company S2 Grupo and the Falla Chiva- Francisco de Llano will make the presentation of the II Cybersecurity Falla tomorrow Friday at 12.00h. José Rosell and Miguel A. Juan, managing-partners of S2 Grupo; Juan Puig, president of the Falla Chiva-Francisco de Llano; as well as representatives of the cybersecurity area of more than ten of the main national companies; members of this fallera commission and experts in cybersecurity of the S2 Grupo team will be present. The aim is to present the children's sculpture, created by the fallero artist Salva Dolz, and this year falla on "Cybersecurity in the home". One of the most characteristic features of this falla is that it allows access to cybersecurity tips in an interactive way, through the use of a google home system integrated into the sculpture. In this way, they will consult digital content that will convey messages to children and adults. In addition, this meeting will explain the importance of linking cybersecurity and Fallas and the initiatives launched to do so. In this sense, S2 Grupo has led the creation of the "Singular Club", which is the first organization that has been created to raise awareness in society on cybersecurity that focuses on especially vulnerable groups such as children or women who victims of domestic violence. From this perspective, one of its first actions will be to collaborate with the Fallas festival to turn them into a pole of awareness about cybersecurity in these sectors of the population. Together with S2 Grupo, experts from leading companies and institutions responsible for national cybersecurity participate in this project, such as CSIRT-CV (response center for cybersecurity incidents of the Generalitat Valenciana), CCN (National Cryptological Center), Air Nostrum, Global Omnium, Fermax, Panda and Broseta Abogados. In the afternoon: family day about cybersecurity in the home In addition, in the afternoon there will be a family day about cybersecurity in the home that will be taught by members of the CSIRT-CV. This is the Incident Response Center in Information Technologies of the Valencian Community. This entity, managed by S2 Grupo, is responsible for ensuring cybersecurity in the Valencian Community. Their team of experts will make a very special session with adults and young people in which they will show them the most common risks we make when using technological devices that are connected to the Internet and that we have at home such as smart speakers, smart televisions, computers, tablets, smartphones, game consoles, home automation technology, etc. In this way, they will know the most frequent errors that can be used by cybercriminals to steal passwords, money, photographs or any other private information. In addition, they will learn practical tips to use these devices in a cybersecure way and thus enjoy the advantages of technology without falling into risks that can have very costly consequences.   Sunday, March 17: II Offering 4.0 The 2nd edition of Offering 4.0 will be held next Sunday, March 17. The technology, from the hands of S2 Grupo and Falla Chiva-Francisco de Llano, has reached one of the most commemorative acts of these festivities as is the offering. In this way, for months, hundreds of people who will not be able to participate in this act parading, have left messages that they want to reach the Virgin, on this occasion, and have been compiled in a book that will be delivered on Sunday by the commission of this Falla when they parade. In 2018, more than 200 people from various continents participated in this initiative by leaving their messages. Some examples are: (From Valencia): Mare de Deu if this disease does not let me see you this year, give me the strength to overcome it and see you next year. Always protect us. I will always have faith in you. (From Poland): It's hard to be far from Valencia at this time and more for a fallera! In Poland I will set my little falla on the day of the inauguration and I will burn it on the 19th! But no matter how far away I am, the Manises Falla always accompanies me! Visca Valencia and Visca les Falles!  (From Dubai): It is not easy to be far from the land that we love, at this time of year it gets worse ... Thanks to the Chiva-Francisco de Llano falla for bringing us a little closer  to the illusion of being with my family, my memories and my fallera essence. Thank you!   More information: