Advance Security Audit

Many organizations are unaware of the number of threats they are exposed to in the digital world. 

Security audits expose gaps and help us correct protocols, fix errors and strengthen cybersecurity.

At S2 Grupo we have designed a series of tests that simulate a real cyberattack, to check what would happen, collect information and draw conclusions. In only 3 phases:


  Perimeter visibility and security test

Our intrusion team identifies the main gateways an attacker would use to access company resources.

  Penetration test

We audit the vulnerabilities of all the organization's resources that are visible to the outside. We detect shortcomings in the design, implementation and deployment that a hacker would use to obtain unauthorized access.

  Propagation test

When we have already accessed the most vulnerable resources of the company, we try to spread to other systems or services. In this way, we know the degree of real risk behind each vulnerability and how far the damage can go. We plan correction of errors knowing the real impact behind each attack.

OT Services

Performing an industrial cybersecurity assessment is the first step when addressing the cybersecurity management of an industrial infrastructure or system. This is how we recognize the reality of the current situation, we identify vulnerabilities, weak points and opportunities for improvement. We analyze both the technical as well as the organizational and procedural aspects. We provide our multidisciplinary S2 team and avoid the bias that occurs when the person responsible for the design or implementation of the system is the one who carries out the evaluation. The objective of this evaluation is to reduce cybersecurity incidents and increase the cyber-resilience of the organization, as well as to improve the internal and external confidence of the company and advance in compliance with current legislation.


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